We’re All in This Together


We're All In This Together Project

"We're All In This Together” is a web series and community collaboration between The English Language Arts Network (ELAN) and Seniors Action Quebec, with a mission to connect with and inspire isolated, English speaking seniors across Quebec during the pandemic.

The project consisted of creating a 22-episode web series for seniors to help them battle isolation and fear during these difficult times. The bi-weekly episodes were directed by Montreal-based, award-winning, filmmaker Bobbi Jo Hart. Each episode featured entertainment, activities and conversations designed to reach out to those in need of support and remind them that we are, indeed, all in this together. Even if you aren’t a senior but you know one, watch the series together! 

As part of the project, ELAN and SAQ were able to distribute Ipads to English-speaking community organizations and community groups who work either directly with seniors or have educational programs for seniors. To help seniors improve their digital literacy and use of technology, seven instructional videos will be produced by Monica Escobedo. Monica will walk seniors through how to use iPads, various apps and how to navigate social media and the internet safely.


• Episodes

FINALE Episode 23: A Celebration in Song, Spoken Word & Step

Episode 22: Making Homemade Tomato Sauce with Greg

Episode 21: Author Conversations with Richard King

Episode 20: Co-Op Gardening with Hannah

Episode 19: Urban Art with Jamie 

Episode 18: Tango Dancing with Mireille & Friends on Friday

Episode 17: Making Jam With Susan

Episode 16: The Flamboyant World of Drag with Barbada

Episode 15: Wine Pairing with Ana

Episode 14: Horse Therapy with Karine

Episode 13: Indigenous Hoop Dancing with Makhena

Episode 12: Bird Watching with Joël

Episode 11: Eating Healthy on a Budget with Crystal

Episode 10: Animal Fostering with Cindy

Episode 9: Gardening in Small Spaces with Graham

Episode 8: Flower Arranging with Lyudmila

Episode 7: Laughter Yoga with Liliana

Episode 6: Creative Writing with Christian -- Character Development

Episode 5: Author Conversations With Louise Penny

Episode 4: Mindfulness & Movement with Mariko Tanabe

Episode 3: Art Therapy With Sarah Tevyaw

Episode 2: Holiday Concert at Martha Wainwright's URSA

Episode 1: Holiday Baking - Making Sugar Cookies with Hainya & Linda

• Tutorial Videos

How to Use an Ipad Video 3 : Communications

How to Use an Ipad Video 2: Internet 101

How to Use an Ipad Video 1: Getting to Know the Ipad