Our Projects


The Resilience Project

SAQ will develop train-the-trainer modules, which will be made accessible online to our members to teach resilience skills (such: as self-awareness; self-regulation; mental agility; strength of character; building relationships; and optimism) to English-speaking seniors.

In-person training will also be offered to an initial series of volunteer trainers. Using an inter-institutional approach, the modules will provide a framework for program delivery and guidance for community organizations working with English-speaking seniors across Quebec.

Once the modules are developed, our member organizations will be able to adapt the material to their region’s reality. The project’s expected results include: an informed and engaged network of community organizations able to give training to English-speaking seniors across Quebec; and a stronger and more vibrant English-speaking senior community who will be better equipped to engage with the wider community, both English and French-speaking.

Past Projects

GPS: Getting Programs to Seniors (2016-2018) 

Over a two-year time period, Seniors Action Quebec developed a network of volunteers from five Quebec communities in three regions, to connect isolated English-speaking seniors with the required information and support available in their communities in order to reduce social isolation. This project was funded by Canadian Heritage.

Evidence to Action (2015-2016)

A one-year project developed to encourage and enable regional partners to identify with local seniors on  issues that needed attention and to assist and support the development of action plans to mobilize the communities in addressing the issues.   This project was funded with the assistance of Canadian Heritage.

Community partners profiles on their communities

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North Shore Community Association

Vision Gaspe Percé Now

Press Conference

On March 22nd, 2016 we held a press conference on Building Community Capacity, from Evidence to Action (2015-2016).
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Focus Group Reports (sample)

Focus Group Consultation that was held by the North Shore Community Association
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A summary of the 17 communities priorities
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Bill 52: End-of-Life Choices (2015)

A full-day conference on April 27th 2015, this important event focused on informing and educating seniors on the new government legislation ruling end-of-life choices . Featuring discussions and information sessions by MPs, physicians and religious leaders on the many complex aspects around decisions on end-of-life care. There was also practical information on palliative care and estate planning.

Celebrating  Seniors (2013-2014)

This project celebrated and promoted social participation by encouraging seniors to tell their stories of how their contributions supported the vitality of their community over the years.  They were asked to also provide photos or to create a journal.  On October 1 2013, Seniors Day, SAQ highlighted and profiled the stories with the media and through local meetings and events. This project was funded by New Horizons For Seniors.