Resilience Training


The Resilience Project

SAQ’s Resilience project is a series of train-the-trainer modules accessible online to our members focused on teaching resilience skills (such: as resilience and self-awareness; strength of character; competence and confidence; contribution; connection; coping and control) to English-speaking seniors.

When possible, in-person training will also be offered around Quebec in partnership with member organizations.

Our project coordinator will work with our member organizations to adapt the material to their region’s reality. We are working together to support an already strong network of community organizations and a stronger and more vibrant English-speaking senior community who will be better equipped to engage with the wider community, both English and French-speaking.


Training Modules Resilience Training Project

Module 1: (Resilience and Self-Awareness)

Module 2: Recognising Character Strengths

Module 3: Coping and Control Mechanisms (Part 1)

Module 4 Coping and Control Mechanisms (Part 2)

Module 5: Resilience and Social Connections

Module 6: Review of the Key Skills that Build Resilience in Seniors