Seniors Action Quebec - Membership Sign-Up, Volunteers & Donations

Advantages of Seniors Action Quebec Membership - Members of Seniors Action Quebec:

  • Celebrate and promote the contributions of English-speaking seniors throughout Quebec
  • Have access to information about the requirements for active and healthy aging of the English-speaking communities in Quebec
  • Work with all interested groups in Quebec to develop age-friendly communities
  • Take an active part in making a difference in the lives of English-speaking seniors living in Quebec

All Quebec residents who are 50 years of age and over may become full members. Any individual interested in promoting our group may become an associate member. Any organization with similar objectives may become an affiliate member. Associates and affiliates do not have voting privileges.

In order to make taking a membership with us as easy as possible you can now do so with Pay Pal. They will notify us payment has been made and send us your email address. Upon receipt of your email we will be in touch to get your address so we can send you your Membership Card.

Membership Categories


If you are interested in volunteering on: Membership, Fundraising/Grant writing, Office Work, Communications (Websites, Social Media, Newsletters, Bulletins) then contact us by email:, or by calling our office at 438-386-1944. You may also lend your support with a donation by clicking on the donation button below. Thank You!


Seniors Action Quebec is a non-profit organization, all donations go directly to our efforts in the community for seniors.